Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Baked Twitter Cookie Giveaway

This weekend, I was doing a little bit of shopping and I found a cookie cutter in the shape of a bird! I thought, cute I can make Twitter Bird Cookies!

What do you do with Twitter Cookies? Give them to one lucky Twitter follower of course!

You could win this yummy batch of 2 dozen cookies! All you need to do on Twitter is tweet me! Now I will say, I am bribing you (my readers) to help promote Super Saving Sense.

Exactly how to enter:
Just Tweet anything about this Twitter Cookie Giveaway and include this link and my twitter name @SuperSavingSara

I want to win Twitter Bird Cookies from @SuperSavingSara here


Yum, Twitter Cookies from @SuperSavingSara


Follow @SuperSavingSara for great deals and Twitter Cookies

get creative, the more creative the tweet more entries you will get to win ;) Tweet as many times as you'd like!

Now the legal details: This is a very short giveaway (because they are fresh baked of course), I am ending it at 4:30 Pacific Time TODAY! What this means to you is that if you would like to win these lovely cookies, please make sure you are near Twitter or your Email at this time as I will be announcing the winner and I need your address! I will then head to the post office this afternoon to mail (priority) to one lucky winner!

I was in no way paid or given anything to bake these cookies. No one is sponsoring this, everything you see here is made by me, bought by me and shipping included will be paid by me!

I am not a professional baker, while I love to bake, please don't get mad if some of these birds are slightly disfigured, I tried my best though hand decorating until 1:30 AM!

Questions? Let me know!



    tweet :-) how creative!

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