Sunday, June 13, 2010

Save Money While Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Here are some quick and easy tips to save money this summer and have fun with the kids.

#1 Keep snacks with you wherever you go. Everyday before leaving the house try and make a "snack bag" This will help hungry kids and save you from having to stop for food.

#2 Go to the mall. Not to shop but enjoy what they have to offer for free.
Many malls will have a kid play area for free. Utilize coupons from sources such as the Entertainment book for a cheap lunch. Look for shops offering samples or simply ask for samples as you do the mall crawl. Check out stores that have kid friendly hands on stuff to try out such as toy stores or electronics stores. See if your mall has a pet store to look at animals and sometimes kids can pet them.

#3 City swimming pools and local amusement establishments will often offer family passes for the summer at a significant discount.

#4 Kiddie Pools and sprinklers still make the best cheap kid entertainment in the hot summer. Find cheap pool toys and outdoor toys at your local dollar store for kids to play with. Make popsicles with molds that you can also find at your dollar store. If you don't have access to outdoor space, bring the kiddie pool in the kitchen or find a local splash pad.

#5 Check with the local newspaper and library for free events in your area. You can also call your favorite places and see if they have discounts or free days.

What are your favorite ways to save with kids in the summer?

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