Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thred Up ~ Kid's Clothing Swap, Get 2 Months Free!

Great clothing swap for kids clothes!

Browse Boxes of Kids clothing listed by parents you know ~

At thredUP we are committed to facilitating exchanges among friends - whether they live across town or across America. We know clothing swaps are hard to organize, so we've gone and done it for you! It's easy to pick boxes of clothing uploaded by friends you've added to your thredUP Inner Circle. Simply navigate the gently worn clothing listings the way you would on eBay, iTunes or Sort by gender, size, brand, season and type of item. Find a box you like, pay for shipping and it's yours!
Find gently worn clothing boxes listed by our national network of parents

If you don't find a box of gently worn, secondhand clothes you love from within your Inner Circle, search the listings of 1,000's of other kids clothing boxes. You can sort by gender, size, brand, season and type of kids clothing item. Find baby clothing, toddler clothing, or pre-teen clothing.

As a Pro Member, we even let you view detailed box contents and the credibility of the sender on things like quality, style and reliability. Pick with confidence based on the combined ratings of peer-reviewed members. Our list of used clothing boxes are always changing as members regularly swap outgrown clothes for new clothes, so if you find something you like, you better grab it!

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