Friday, August 13, 2010

Colgate Palmolive Headquarters Visit ~ Info and Coupons


While at Blogher, I had an amazing opportunity to visit the Colgate Palmolive Headquarters with Collective Bias. While there, we listened to the representatives of Colgate and Softsoap talk about what the company and their mission.

I learned that you need to change your toothbrush often, at least every 3 months. No really, once you read the statistics I am about to show you, you will run to change your toothbrush.

How much Bacteria do you think you are carrying in your mouth right now?

Much more than your

that should make you shiver and re-think your oral care routine.

Brush at least twice a day!

Important information to remember about your toothbrush from Colgate:
  • Make sure you let your toothbrush dry out between uses.
  • After using your toothbrush, shake it vigorously under tap water and store it in an upright position so that it can air out.
  • To prevent cold and flu viruses from being passed between brushes, try to keep your toothbrush from touching others when it is stored.
  • Keep your toothbrushes at least 6 feet from your toilet, ideally behind a door such as a medicine cabinet.

It's important that kids understand how and why we need to take good care of our teeth and do our best to prevent germs, and Colgate agrees!

Colgate has a great kids campaign about Invisible Nasties here:

Some members of Collective Bias have some great ideas on how to get kids involved with learning about Invisible Nasties here:

While at Colgate Headquarters, we also learned about the importance of washing your hands. They have some great information for kids

Another great feature that offers is printable coupons! Sign up for coupons from Colgate Palmolive here:

I'm really thankful to have had the opportunity to visit the Colgate Palmolive headquarters recently. The company representatives took the time to explain the Colgate mission and how the company works continuously to improve through research and feedback from consumers. We also learned about germs and listened to the emphasis on the importance of a clean mouth and clean hands. The company truly has a passion to educate consumers through their campaigns and products. At the end of the meeting the company asked us our opinions regarding Colgate Palmolive, their products and campaigns. I felt the leaders of the company wanted to hear opinions from us not only as social media ambassadors, but as authentic consumers on ideas they could use in the future.

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