Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 is Here, Good Stuff to Come!

2011 is here and I am changing some up some things on Super Saving Sense. One thing I wanted to share is that I am looking for a few guest blogs throughout the year! Whether you own a blog or are just passionate about an upcoming topic I'd love for you to guest post!

Upcoming Blogs:


Budget ~ What does budget mean for you? How do you stay on budget, what tips can you share? Where did you start?

Cleaning and Organizing Home ~ Do you have some projects you are conquering in 2011 that you want to share? Do you have some tips on how to effectively and inexpensively organize?


Couponing 101 ~ What do you do to save money? Are you a hard core couponer?

Surviving Job Loss ~ Have you gone through a layoff before, I'd love a story on what you did to get through whether it's tips on saving money or just how you kept strong.

I'd love to get the interaction going on this blog so every Friday, I will schedule a Frugal Friday. This will be where users can share the biggest "saves" of the week or the best way they saved that week.

Recipes ~ I'm always looking to share recipes that are frugal, start from scratch and taste good so if you have one to share, let me know!

These are just a few changes happening this month. If you are interested in writing an article on Super Saving Sense, please email me at supersavingsense at!

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  1. Sara, wanted to stop by & let you know I found about your blog through Purex Insiders & I look forward to checking out your blog from time to time!! Happy New Year!!