Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After Christmas Sales: Bonus Items to Look For!

When shopping for holiday items on clearance, don't just stick to decor! Here are some great things to look for that you can use now or all year round!

Coffee Creamers ~ Most stores have the holiday flavors already marked down! If you are in Phoenix, Fry's stores have them marked down to $1 and these don't expire till May! Combine with coupons from Coffee Mate and International Delight!

Food Storage ~ Look for saran wrap, tin foil and containers that were marked for holidays. I use these all year round, in fact I still use Halloween storage bags from years ago to store things!

Candles and air fresheners ~ I noticed these were half off to at some stores! Who doesn't want their house to smell good all year round?!

Baking items ~ With Valentines Day and St Pattys Day coming up, you could use red and green sprinkles and frostings for these holidays or just for fun! Use cupcakes wrappers for muffins you eat at home.

Toys ~ Look for little toys to keep on hand when impromptu birthday parties come up. You know, the ones that your kids tell you about the night before!

Lotions and other smell goods ~ Find holiday scents that you could use all year round.

Wrapping Paper ~ now one would think that this is holiday specific but turn it over to use the white side year round and have your kids decorate it!

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