Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hallmark Register Reward Money Makers @ Walgreens

The Hallmark Register Reward deal at Walgreens gets even sweeter right now! There are two ways to make money on this deal.

When you buy 2 Hallmark items, you get $2 in RR.
Buy 5 items get $6 back!

Look for $.99 cards, buy 2 get $2 back making it FREE.

Look for $.49 cards, buy 2 and get $2 RR back making it a money maker of $1.02!

Look for the White 20 count tissue paper from Hallmark, $.99 reg price use the coupon that is good through 12/11 for buy 3 for $1.

Buy 6, use coupon which makes it $2. Receive a RR for $5 making it a $3 money maker! WOO!

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