Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Target and Walmart $15 Stocking Challenge

Christmas is here and the stockings are hung, but what to put inside?!

I recently took on a challenge, my own challenge of putting together stockings for $15 at Target and Walmart. I did two stockings at each store, one for a boy and one for a girl. The $15 includes a stocking and the goodies inside. Here is what I found!


I love the Target dollar section, the stock constantly rotates and I can always find a great deal!

Target has a candy section designated specifically for the holidays! I found candies starting at $1

In the stocking section, I found cute stockings for only $2!

Here is the stocking I put together for a Boy:

$2 polar bear stocking
$1 polar bear chocolate
$3 train (3 pieces from the dollar spot)
$1 push car from the dollar spot
$1 slinky from the dollar spot
$1 lollipop from the dollar spot
$1 paint by number activity set from the dollar spot
$1 Glow sticks from the dollar spot
$3.99 Lego Set

Here is the stocking I put together for a Girl:

$2 Penguin stocking
$1 penguin chocolate
$3.99 lip balm candy cane
$1 jump rope from the dollar spot
$1 hello kitty note pad from the dollar spot
$1 puzzle from the dollar spot
$1 headband from the dollar spot
$1 shower gel from the dollar spot
$1 lotion from the dollar spot
$1 gloves/2 pairs from the dollar spot
$1 lollipop from the dollar spot

I think one of my favorite findings was matching the stockings with chocolates! The dollar spot really rocked with stuff for the stockings.



Walmart doesn't have a designated dollar section however, there were many deals I found throught the store for a dollar! There is a holiday gift section in the front as well as toy bins in the aisles with toys from $1 - $3 dollars. Hint: Look for the displays with green as shown below!

Here is the stocking I put together for a girl:

$2 stocking
$1 soaps (3)
$2 watch
$1 coin wallet
$1 bath beads
$1 bath fizzies
$1 lip gloss (2)
$1 bubble bath
$1 Christmas tree sucker
$1 M&M candy cane

Here is the stocking I put together for a boy:

$2 stocking
$.98 hot wheels (2)
$5 Spongebob bath set
$1 polar bear cup
$1 paddle ball toy
$1 candy ring set
$1 bath/body loofah
$1 M&M candy cane
$1 toy recorder
$1 bubble tape bubble gum


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration Sara!

  2. WOW... this a great post and to have a spending limit really is a good tip... I LOVE the dollar section at target ... for me??? I like the convenience... (mom of twin toddlers.. I don't always have the time since they don;t have the patience to search the entire store.. lol) BUT I like the quality of the stuff you found at walmart... seems that Target was more JUNK, and Walmart had more substance.. t least what you put together.. lol..

  3. PS What are you doing with them? Are they for your own kids or others?

  4. Courtney Mora-LudwigDecember 21, 2010 at 10:09 AM

    @Mommying on the Fly - I also have twins. My boys will be 11 months on Christmas.

    @Sara - I actually have the stocking from Target for the twins. I got a blue snowman for Sammy and a green polar bear for Jason. I am not sure what to put in their stockings though... I am thinking I will just do some Gerber finger foods. They can't really have small toys.

  5. WOW! I've got two daughters under 10 who would love this...

    Thank you,