Thursday, January 6, 2011

Frugal Friday ~ This Week's Best Deals

So this week was a busy one, getting kids back to school and trying to re-organize my house after complete chaos! But I did manage to get a few deals in! Here is what I did this week to save money:

Walgreens had some HOT HOT deals this week, check out what I got HERE!

Christmas decor was 80% off at Hobby Lobby and went to 90% at Target and I managed to find a few good deals to pack away in the boxes. But I also found items like scotch tape and toys at Target that were 90% off that was in the decor. SCORE!

I returned a few items. Before Christmas, Brian bought some storage totes that we thought we would utilize around the house. Well, they were pretty expensive totes and we only used 1 so luckily we had saved the receipt and I ended up getting back almost $20. While this seems like a silly way to save money, keeping receipts and returning items before the allotted time period really helps save money for anything that does by chance need to be returned! I also had to return a movie I got for my kids for Christmas that luckily, I hadn't given them yet when they had opened that same movie from Grandma.

Thanks to my dad, I didn't have to buy any wood this week, well for at least a couple weeks! I don't really know how much wood is in other locations but here it is pretty expensive and the stuff you buy is pretty dry so it burns fast. Luckily, he had cut down an excessive amount so we were able to get some wood.

Free Redbox movie Monday. If you aren't on the Redbox Text list, make sure you sign up here
to get a free movie once a month!

We didn't eat out at all! By eating at home this week and last week, we saved a lot of money.

How did you save money this week? Please share in the comments below!

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