Monday, January 10, 2011

Game Time w/ Digiorno Pizza

This weekend, Brian's favorite Football Team entered the playoffs. He of course, was so excited. I'll be honest, I am not that into football but for this occasion I wanted to watch the game with him. Of course being the fab hostess I am I wanted to serve food that was easy and of course delicious. Obviously, I went with pizza because when it comes to Football it is some cardinal rule (and no that isn't a pun for all you AZ fans, lol).

I've always enjoyed DiGiorno Pizza but when I went on a shopping trip for it recently, I fell in love with this brand of pizza all over again. I was blown away with the variety that DiGiorno has. I literally have never been so excited to buy pizza! Usually, I just grab my favorite flavor and go so I had never really stopped to take a look at what was available.

I found they have cheese stuffed pizza, crispy crust, rising crust, half and half and so much more! You can see all the varieties of pizza they have here:

For Game Day, I'm serving my favorite:

Along with the variety, the taste is so full of flavor. I personally think that it tastes better than delivery. The bread is so soft (which is a must for me and pizza) and the sauce is so delightful.

Also, s a mom who is frugal I would say the best thing about DiGiorno pizza is the price! Whether it's game day or family game night, this pizza is only around $5-$7. That means I can serve this for only around $1-$2 per person! If there is a coupon out, it's an even better deal. In fact, it's time to stock up at that point! I like to have DiGiorno Pizza in the freezer because sometimes things come up and mom needs an impromptu dinner that everyone loves!

Okay, back to game time!

Not everyone was into the game, but everyone loved the pizza!

The perfect compliment to Digiorno's: Hot Wings!

The pizza was delicious!

The game however, was a let down to my fiancee as his team lost and his football season is over. But no matter the team, we'll be having a Super Bowl Party and we'll definitely be serving DiGiorno.

Check out my Whrrl to see all the varieties I found at Walmart:

I was compensated for my time by Collective Bias. All opinions are my own and I do really love this pizza. If you want to come over on Super Bowl Sunday, I promise I will serve you some ;-)

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