Monday, January 3, 2011

York Photo Deals

York Photo

Right now there are a few offers from York, first if you sign up you automatically get 40 free photos. Then if you use code YMW4CP it's 4 cent prints. BUT it could get better:
Order a minimum of 100 photos, Use code: 100PHOTOSFS and get FREE shipping! Expires: 01/18/11
Order 60-99 photos, use code: 60PHOTOS3OFF and get $3 off your shipping! Expires: 01/18/11

I don't know if you can use both codes for free shipping and 4 cent prints. But if you can't, shipping for around 100 photos is $5.89, so if you choose 4 cent prints it's $9.89 with shipping and if you choose free shipping it's 8 cent prints and it's $8.00 shipped so that seems to be the better deal. But maybe you can use both and get 100 photos shipped for only $4. Let me know if you try it!

I also looked at shipping is around $3.93 for 60 photos so if you took $3 off and bought 60 photos, it's $5.73 for 60 photos shipped and that is still about 9.5 cents a piece so the 100 photo is still the best deal!

Just click the image above!

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