Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: The $2 Centerpiece

I like to change things up as far as my dining table decor. What I like to do is to shop at my local Goodwill and find items to use for a centerpiece on our table.

In picture one, I have a green plate that was $.99 . Who says plates have to be used as a plate?! Not only are single plates good for decor, use them to serve food when company comes over. Also in the first image (and second) is a silver fruit bowl that was on sale on dollar day! Fill that with oranges that I price matched for 2 cents a piece makes this centerpiece $2.24!

The next one I used in the Fall. I actually got liquor glasses that were around $.35 a piece (half off at Goodwill on 50% Saturday) and filled them with decorative strands of beads that are available during the holidays at Hobby Lobby. I got about 4 times that amount of beads for only $3! The bottom plate is actually a flat candle holder that I found at Goodwill for $.99. Total for display is about $2.75.

Other frugal ideas for centerpieces:
  • Scope out your local Goodwill for vases, candle holders, glass bowls and pans.
  • Use colorful dried beans to fill your bowls such as Lima, Kidney, Pinto, Black etc. Have the colors match your kitchen!
  • Look for tablecloths at Goodwill. Since the prices are so reasonable, you could easily buy a few for the price of what one retails for new!
  • Buy 1 placemat or nice cloth napkin to put under your fruit bowl or centerpiece. Look at Goodwill to find them for around $.99!
  • Disassemble a picture frame and spray paint the glass a dark color. Put the glass under your centerpiece. Use an old frame or one found at Goodwill.
  • Use a decorative juice pitcher or carafe as a vase.

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