Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Going Cable-less

I know this post will not be for everyone. I admit, going without cable was hard for me. I don't watch a lot of tv but sometimes I like to just take 20 minutes and veg. I miss my DVR, I won't lie. But, there are ways to get around having cable and still enjoy a few of your favorite shows. Here are a few ways you can save money too by going cable-less:

Hulu: Watch episodes of your favorite shows on this website. They just launched Hulu Plus which is about $8 where you can stream shows to your gaming console to your TV and watch certain shows you can not watch on regular Hulu.

Network Websites:
Sites such as NBC.com and ABC.com will offer full episodes of select shows online for free.

: There are a few options with Netflix, you can have movies sent to your mailbox OR you can have them go right to your TV along with your favorite TV shows through a gaming console for about $7.99.

We utilize this a lot, they offer movies and even current movies for free! Not to mention, books are probably a better time filler than TV!

Redbox and Blockbuster Express:
If you could live without TV and just want an occasional movie, I love the kiosks. They are only $1 per rental and are easy to grab on the way!

Do you have cable or do you live without? What are your tips?

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  1. I too learned to live without cable and my Tivo, but it was quite a learning experience! I finally arrived at an alternative that is working for me - I attached a dedicated "Media Center PC box" to my large screen TV which I put together myself for around $500.

    I discovered that most Windows 7 PCs come with "Media Center" built-in. Media Center has a neat feature called "Live TV", which allows me to record and watch all the local and network programming available in my area, some of it in high definition. It also has a full TV Guide that automatically downloads and updates 2 weeks ahead.

    I had to add a $59 TV Tuner card to my PC, and attached it to a simple antenna that receives 39 local channels. I also added a remote control allowing me to sit back and control everything from my sofa.

    Of course, I also found out about internet TV, about Hulu, Boxee and iTunes with 1000's of free podcasts. No, I don't miss cable at all!

    I wrote up my experiences on my blog: