Friday, April 1, 2011

Frugal Weekend: Photo Shoot w/ Fun Props

Fun idea to do with the kiddies this weekend: Funky Photo Shoot

The kids and I got out the box full of costumes for Halloween, made a couple props and did a fun photo shoot. They thought this was hilarious and it didn't cost us anything! We cut out a couple paper mustaches out of cardstock and painted a couple frames that we got at Goodwill for a buck!

Other ideas for props:

Talking bubbles ~ Write out on a cardboard funny sayings then cut it out to be a "bubble" of what the person is saying.

Cutting out paper props ~ Cut out glasses, mustaches, hats, monocles, masks etc.

Put up a background ~ put up different bed sheets, use fabric from the thrift store or even paint a backdrop on a cardboard box.

Go to your closet ~ Get out dad's suits, ties, moms hats, jewelry etc.

Involve the pets and take fun photos of them too!

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