Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Truth About Free Samples

Who doesn't like freebies? It seems like the freebies, samples and coupons are plentiful these days. Or are they? Companies seem to be offering them quite frequently but they go quick!

Here is the truth about freebies on the net:

  • Companies have a limited amount of samples, free products and coupons to "hand" out.
  • There are millions of people in this world. There are also a large number of sites/blogs that talk about "free stuff". This means, free stuff will go extremely quick.
It is impossible for everyone to be satisfied when it comes to getting something for nothing. Here is what you can do to ensure a pleasant "freebie" experience.
  • Follow my blog and follow a few others! That's right, I am telling you to find other deal blogs because one person can not possibly list every freebie out there. If you follow a few different blogs/sites you will have a better chance to get more freebies. Follow some of my good friends if you are looking for some deals: and Trust me, when you know a free offer will be available jump on it because they do go quick!
  • If you are unable to get a freebie, don't waste your time continuously trying. Too many times I have seen people get upset on Facebook fan pages because XYZ company fan page is overloaded with people trying to get a deal and the server can't handle on it. Consider your time and how much this sample really is. I mean typically most samples are less than a dollar, it's not really worth your time sitting there to get it, is it?
  • Turn your unpleasant experience into a good one. Another thing I constantly see on fan pages is people getting angry, I mean extremely upset when a freebie runs out. The company has a select number (as I stated above) but if you couldn't get your freebie because of a technical issue, why not email customer service. Explain your situation in a calm and professional way, see if that doesn't influence them to see if they couldn't find another freebie to send you!
Please remember, companies don't have to offer any coupons or freebies and when they do we should appreciate it :)

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