Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Online Shopping with Bing

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I often wonder, how did my parents survive not having internet? I mean do you remember when you asked your mom a question and she would say, go look it up. Of course by go look it up she meant go look in the encyclopedia or dictionary. I wonder if I told my kids today, go look in the encyclopedia they would have a come back of "Do you mean Wikipedia"? With so many things on the internet, it's hard not to feel compelled to go to the internet for anything I am looking for before venturing out into other sources.

One thing I have relied on heavily over the years is shopping online. Online shopping has come a long way. I remember way back in the day when I had first gotten accustomed to the internet in 2000, I became an Ebay junkie. I bought so many things, it was the only place I shopped online really because I don't think there were that many options. Now a days the internet is my first stop when I am looking for something. I'm really too busy to search stores for what I need. I will often just do a "general search" in my search bar or on Amazon for what I am looking for. It could be a gift or a treat for me to fuel one of my many obsessions. One of which happens to be right now, wedge sandals. Much like these ones:

I just bought these at Old Navy. #ShoeLove

I was asked to try out Bing and give my thoughts on far as shopping. I hadn't really used Bing and if it can make my shopping easier, why not check it out? Speaking of my wedge sandals obsession, I thought I would make that my first search! Here is what I found:

I typed in "wedge sandals" in the search bar up top for Bing, I then clicked on the "shopping tab".

After I saw the pictures, I noticed the sidebar where I could create a filter by brand, price etc.

Under $25 of course!

When I started going through I also noticed when I hover over the image, there are ratings! Wow, I never have to leave the search engine to find the details I need!

I also went on a shopping search spree. I searched for Dutch Ovens which were half the cost of the ones I saw at Walmart today! I also searched for grill pans and pressure canners (you guys already know I love my kitchen appliances and utensils). I also searched for Lego Candy (we're going to have a Lego birthday next month) and I found some, actually a lot which made it easy to compare prices!

Lego Candy (Kosher)

I would use this again for items I am shopping for, I think it's a great way to find sales items too along with comparing prices and ratings.

Have you used bing? What is your favorite way to shop online?

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