Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Vintage Finds + a Few Bags

Thrift Store Finds for this week:

*feel free to click on the images to enlarge them*

I'm obsessed fascinated with vintage, some say I was born in the wrong decade. I went to Sun City off the rec of a blogging friend to go to the Thrift Store mall. This place is awesome and has at least 8 thrift stores in it and most of them benefit a charity. If you are local and would like to check it out, it's at Peoria and 107th ave. Of course you should only venture on over there if you are looking for older items as they typically do not carry "newer" stuff and it is pretty much an all day adventure so make sure your afternoon is free! I got everything above from this "mall".

As you probably saw on my Grandma's Treasure post, I love classic glass items. I also love lace, vintage or not I love the look of it and I am one who believes you can never have enough lace.

I really love the "white milk glass" bowls and vases. I actually had one I bought with this thrift store run and when I went to take it out, it broke. I was so disappointed as it was my favorite find of the day. However, life goes on and I am sure I will find more.

While at Goodwill recently, I found these vintage wooden spools of thread:

I simply bought them just because they just look awesome and were only $1.50! Remember that apothecary jar I made a few weeks ago? Well I now have a new filler for one of them!

At Salvation Army this week, I found a Franklin Covey leather briefcase/bag practically new for only $6! These retail between $80-$150! I say practically new because a few of the pockets still had tissue in it and there is no wear on it at all! I love it because I can use it for the conferences I attend and it will hold everything I need with it's many pockets including my laptop!

Here is the inside:

The cute purse was too good to pass up. I found this at the Goodwill by my house on 50% off day for only $1.50!!

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