Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesday Tips: How I saved Money In April

Today I am sharing with you the top ways I saved money in the month of April:

**Produce Matching ~ By taking ads of all the stores that I get ads for in my mailbox to my Walmart Neighborhood market, I save at least $100 every month on produce. You can price match other items too as long as it is a dollar amount and not a percentage or BOGO sale. You can even use the price matching on the Organic section.

**Coloring My Own Hair ~ Is a woman supposed to admit she does this? Well I am, by coloring my own hair and yes, out of a "boxed kit", I easily save at least $50 every month.

**Cutting the cords with the Cable ~ Last month I posted about letting go of Cable and watching TV free online. While I do hook up my computer to the TV once in a while, I primarily just watch a show on the computer when I have a chance. While this has saved me $75 a month, I found out this saved me even more. Last month was a full month of us running our AC and I thought for sure when I opened up my electric bill it was going to be the highest it's been in about 6 months. I about fell on the floor when I opened it, my cable bill had gone down by $20. The only thing I can figure we had been doing different is not having our TV on. I really didn't think it used that much energy, though I am still in disbelief that my AC unit is cheaper to run then my cablebox and TV.

**Using Daily Deal Sites: I have compiled a basic list of what the daily deal sites are here: This past month I have bought movie tickets, skating admission passes and bowling passes. With 4 kids, doing fun stuff can get pricey and this surely helps when I can buy tickets at a great discount!

**Forgoing the gym mebership ~ We used to belong to the YMCA and we had to nix that bill. Really, there are a lot of ways to get a workout on! I have a pair of weights I bought at Goodwill, I take my dog on walks/jogs (sell she walks me), playing Wii dance/sports games, hiking etc. This saves us $75 a month.

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