Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dog Park Adventures with

I told you last week about and Star's new look with the customizable dog charm we made for her. Well today we went to the Dog Park as a family to show off her new look and to hand out a couple charms we had made to give away.

I forgot how much fun the dog park can be! Honestly, as Star got older we didn't take her as much. But today proved to be fun for the whole family!

The dogs were really friendly and the kids got a good work out when the smaller ones chased them. I just loved this little white chubby fellow, he was a cutie!

The first dog park we went to had no one, we thought it wouldn't be as fun. So we were happy when we saw all the dogs at this one. In fact, there are two separate areas, an area for smaller dogs and an area for larger dogs. It reminded me of having kids, and having separate play grounds for younger and older kids!

When we were handing our the charms, it really made me think these would make a great gift. My mom actually has a little shitzu that she dresses up and I bet she would love a charm with the grandkids on it. I think the ladies we gave the charms too also thought it was a great idea!

Star did some running but mainly she wanted to just hang out. I don't think it's really her "thing" but I think she liked getting to get out of our normal daily routine. I think being able to hand out the charms was a good "ice breaker" to meet new people and this was free so put that down in the Frugal Fun list!

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