Tuesday, July 26, 2011

140 Free Address Labels and 10 Additional Uses!

I've always been pleased with Vistaprint's offers and products. Recently I bought the 140 address labels (I had a free email offer) and I got them within a few days! The ones above I printed for Blogher, I plan on attaching them to my fancy business card creations. Right now, Vistaprint is offering these free for everyone - just pay shipping and processing! With over 7,000 of designs to choose from, these labels are extremely versatile. Get the free labels here: www.Vistaprint.com

Shipping starts @ $3.03 but I will tell you, I found out to get them expedited to less than 5 days is only about $.50 more! So if you need labels for Blogher, grab these now!

Here are some more things you can do with free return address labels (besides using them for return address labels):
  • Another idea for Blogher: Put your name, address and site on them and use them for when you fill out forms at Blogher. Saves you some time! You can always use them for other things if you don't use all of them!
  • Kids Items: Label your kids items for school time.
  • Website/Business Info: Put your website on them and use them to leave your mark creatively.
  • Christmas Cards: Sure, the holidays are a ways away but use these to creatively mark up your Christmas Card envelopes with a label on the back that says "Merry Christmas From the XYZ Family".
  • Thank You Stickies: If you ship items regularly (such as for personal business) use them as "Thank You for Shopping at XYZ" stickies.
  • This Book Belongs To stickers: My kids used to love taking books to school when they were in pre-school and I found myself always marking the books.
  • Parties, Potlucks and Picnics: If you are like me and love to create a dish to bring to a party or picnic, mark your dish with a "This belongs to XYZ" or "XYZ Family".
  • Labels for Homemade Gifts: Plan on making gifts this year such as homemade jam or photo albums? Put a "Made With Love by XYZ" sticker on your items!
  • Mark Your Crafty Items: I attend crafting events where stuff gets borrowed, switched around and sometimes lost. This is a great way to mark items with your name on them!
  • Absolutely nothing? Vistaprint actually has quite a few designs that you could easily just order blank and put them to good use later!
Get your FREE labels now at www.Vistaprint.com

What do you do with free address labels?

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