Friday, July 15, 2011

My Frugal Blogher Journey: Accessories from Forever 21

I have a jewelry obsession and Forever 21 is probably the number 1 place I buy my accessories. I went with a $20 budget this year and this is everything I got, 7 pieces total that I will be bringing with me to Blogher and I only went over my budget by $1.60.

These silver/black tear drop earrings were only $1.50!

I love having at least 1 pair of hoops, they really go with just about anything! These were only $1.50.

Gold drop earrings with dangles only $4.80

I fell in love with these online, blue/bronze paisley tear drop earrings only $4.80

These gold tear drop earrings are only $3.80

Gold chain tear drops with blue gems, only $1.50!

I found this necklace and fell in love at only $1.50

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