Monday, August 29, 2011

Highlights from #Blogher11, the #MomMob sponsors

Here are the highlights from the #MomMob sponsors for #Blogher11:

Limited shown in Predawn Gray Mica
Toyota Sienna


I got to drive a brand new (well, it only had a few miles on it) Toyota Sienna Van with my partner in crime, Amy from
We packed this van FULL of Angies Kettle Corn for our Night Out (that you can read about here: )
I took a photo of the outside but it didn't come out right, which is why you see a much prettier factory photo!

My favorite features on this car:
  • The ROOM! As you can see, we filled it up and we were thankful we had this van to fit it all. The Border Patrol even asked us if we were moving. It's not easy getting over 100 bags of kettle corn a few hundred miles ;) I loved that the seats folded down and gave us more room.
  • Backup Cam. I'm going to be adamant my next vehicle has one.
  • The comfort. I have chronic back pain and this seat was great, I got to adjust the lumbar throughout the 13 hours of driving we had to do. When my kids got in it before I left, they also loved how comfortable their seats were.
  • The "extra" seat. We have 4 kids and when we go somewhere, and have to bring others we need all the room we can get. This is a 7 seat car but comes with an extra one easy to install in the middle, and easy to store in the back.
  • It's an "easy rider". This car drove extremely smooth, which is a necessity when driving for any long period of time.

San Diego International Airport
Some of the #MomMob were able to park at the San Diego Airport

Platypus SoftBottles

Platypus Water Bottles donated some Water Bottles which I loved.
  • They are BPA Free (which I feel is important in choosing a water bottle)
  • They collapse which makes them very easy to store.
  • The colors, what can I say I am a colorful girl who chose the pink and purple ones!
  • Not only did I use them at Blogher, my family used them in our recent travels to Disneyland!!

We didn't receive any product but Zazzle also sponsored us.
I love Zazzle because you can pretty much create whatever you want to brand yourself.

We received products for our road trip from:
Cashew Pretzel Bar
Zone Bars gave us some delicious bars for our trip, I wish we had gotten to flavor more samples though!

Crystal Light Pure

Crystal Light sent us some packages of their Crystal Light Pure. Normally, I don't drink Crystal Light but I found out Pure is actually made with Truvia, a natural sweetener I already use in my coffee! The lemonade is delicious!

Chick-fil-A Chandler Festival
Chick-fil-A of Chandler Festival donated some coupons for delicious chicken sandwiches. I could eat here every day, no lie. However, I'm more of a Chick-fil-A nugget person ;)

Chiquita gave us some of their new dried fruit snacks (which are not preserved at all, just dried. LOVE),
I wish I had a photo but I ate them all and now I can't find them online.

Of course we were also sponsored by Fry's and Angie's Kettle Corn, check out the posts on these sponsors here:

The #MomMob received product and some monetary donations towards our #Blogher11 adventures. All opinions expressed in this post are only my own and no one else's.

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