Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Luggage For This Weekend Traveler With #BRXTravelGear

Generally, I'm pretty cheap and there really isn't any hiding that fact. Although, I've found there are a few things in life that quality is more important then price such as large electronics and most recently, luggage. You see, I bought a cute luggage set which was black with pink polka dots. It was such a neat set and I was happy to score the 5 piece set for only $170! I thought I wouldn't have to invest in luggage again because I didn't do an overwhelming amount of travel.

But then, this happened:

This happened to my suitcase after only owning it for 2 years, literally as I was walking out the door on my way to Blogher11. It was quite frustrating. Mainly because I bought this at a gift shop on one of our adventures and there was no type of warranty at all. Basically, I'm out of luck on this one.

So before our most recent travel to California, I decided to shop for another piece of luggage. Something sturdy that could hold through a flight, a camping trip and many road trips to California. I was asked to check out the Briggs and Riley line; BRX Adventure Gear.

As with any large purchase I make, I like to check out the items online and find what they have to offer. So the first stop in my shopping adventures is the site:

I found a wide selection and different colors of the BRX line.

I also found that they have a lifetime warranty, score! They also offered free shipping over $99 but I am a touchy feely person and I need to try it out before I spend money on it.

We went to Suitcases and More in Scottsdale, AZ. The staff was very friendly and answered all of my questions. I had the chance to take out all of the luggage throughout the store before checking out the BRX line by Briggs and Riley. I was able to thoroughly look at each piece of luggage that was part of the Briggs and Riley line. I liked the quality of each piece, these pieces seemed more reliable then the "cheaper" pieces of luggage that I had already owned. I did notice they didn't have all of the items of luggage that the website had offered.

After evaluating price, sizes and colors, I chose the Rolling Duffel bag offered by Briggs and Riley. I liked the convenience of the wheels and the front handle as well as the room in the inside. When I asked the sales rep what I had to do if I needed to fulfill the warranty he said nothing, just bring it in and they take care of everything. Great! So, is it perfect for the weekend traveler?

Yes! I was able to pack 4 people's clothing for 3 days in this rolling duffel bag!! No need for multiple suitcases in our travel plans.

We're ready to go!

You can read more about BRX and what other shoppers think here:

You can also see more of our adventures and our vacation here:

This shop was compensated as part of an insight study with Collective Bias, all opinions are my own!

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