Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dealing with a Difficult Checkout Situation or Cashier

I love coupon shopping, but you knew that! Who doesn't know that are cashiers. I wish they were as knowledgeable about coupons as I am. Sometimes it's almost like communicating in a foreign language when they read something on the coupon as one thing and I try to communicate it means something else.

Today I went to Target and had a difficult checkout. She was a new cashier, which I am totally cool with. I am a very patient and understanding person. It's when she got a coupon that beeped that I got the "attitude". She said "This won't work". I asked why, she gave me her explanation. I politely said that isn't true, she said "I can't accept it". I politely asked her to call a manager over. Well she called another cashier over. The second cashier accepted it and walked back. Well the next coupon was the same one and she gave me the same attitude and denial of coupon. Well we went in a roundabout of this cycle with about 6 coupons (not fun at all). Finally a manager comes over and asks how things are going. I tell him "terrible" while still keeping my cool. He finished my transactions and she was not happy as she finished my transaction and refused to say anything at the end.

Ugh that was extremely frustrating! Especially since she was upset at me and all I was doing was being a customer. While I don't have these interactions often, they do happen. Here is how to navigate your way through tough situations when checking out:

Prior to checking out, make sure you re-read your coupon. Make sure you have the right size/brand and the coupon is not expired.

Coupon with integrity. This means do not try to use a coupon on something you know will or may not work.

Look for a cashier that doesn't look like they are having an awful day (I know, it's cashier profiling). I worked in retail, I know that it stinks and it wares you down but no offense, if you are having this kind of day I don't want to interact with you any more than you want to with me.

Be friendly, engage the cashier in a friendly conversation to help lighten their mood.

If the cashier denies your coupon, politely try and translate what the coupon means. IF they still refuse, kindly ask for a manager. Trust me, this will work in your favor, their goal is to make the customer happy.

Keep your cool, no sense in getting angry over it. Kill them with kindness!

If you are not happy with the outcome, don't buy it. Don't feel pressured to buy it just because they won't take the coupon. Politely ask them to put the stuff back and walk away.

Take advantage of comment cards and surveys to give your review of the cashier, whether good or bad! If you feel you were treated badly, find the manager.

Don't let a bad cashier intimidate you and don't let a rough experience deter you from coupon shopping!


  1. I'll admit I'm not a coupon pro and I'm a very loyal/lazy customer but I have to say I've never run into problems with using coupons at King Soopers that aren't because I've bought the wrong brand/size or it's passed the expiration date.