Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Frugaling, Thrifting and Blogging my way to Blogher '10

I am, in a word “STOKED'” about going to Blogher ‘10. A wealth of information in one place over a course of a few days, not to mention all of the awesome bloggers that will be there that I can meet and hopefully network with. This will be my second conference, if I could sum up in one word what others say what Blogher is, it’s probably “overwhelming”. So with listening to what others have said, I’m going to Blogher ‘10 with the expectation of just absorbing everything. Wearing my “outgoing and smiling” persona and pushing myself to meet others.

Since Blogher will cost me a large sum of money out of pocket, I plan on "Thrifting" and "Frugaling" my way to Blogher. I realize that these may not be ones defined in a dictionary but this is how I see myself getting there. I’ll be trying to get to Blogher as cheap as I can and I’ll be sharing what I am doing, what I am bringing and other information on how I will do that. Look for some vlogs, picture blogs and quick tips.

I’ll be doing a piece on budgeting for my trip as well. I was fortunate enough to get a ticket for the “early bird” pricing and I am even more fortunate that my fiancée had a “bucketful” of airline miles which is allowing us to travel to NYC for free. Of course there is hotel, festivities, wardrobe etc that I will need money for. I am un-sponsored so the posts you see will be un-biased and truthful in my opinion. I am just sharing my information with others that are also going.

I hope you enjoy reading this series this month and if you are going please make sure you say hello!

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