Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paying It Forward: Christmas Cards for the Troops

This weekend, I paid it forward it forward with Christmas Cards for the Troops. A couple weeks ago I posted about my Grandmother sending around 100 boxes of Christmas Goodies to our troops over seas. I decided to continue working on supporting the troops this Holiday season with sending Christmas Cards to the troops.

My kids school participated by having the older kids address their thanks in Christmas cards to the troops. Our Moms Night Out moms also helped out by signing some cards. Our Christmas Card total was greatly pushed by Jerri Ann at With her kind heart, she had her kids school participate and she sent us a great number of cards.

My mission was completed this weekend when I went to the UPS Store and mailed the cards. Well, I went into mail them but the generous representative at The UPS Store really did the work for me. I went in asking for a box, he ended up finding the box, filling it and taping it up for me! I was grateful for this because I had about 100 errands to do yesterday and he really took the stress out of this errand. It gave me a few minutes to actually "chill"!

He also helped me fill out the label because honestly, I hadn't filled out an APO address before and I wasn't sure how to read it/write it out. Luckily his expertise made that easy too!

What I liked about shipping these at the UPS Store was the friendly service I received. The representative went above and beyond any service I have received while shipping at a regular post office. Also, I went on a Saturday during holiday shipping season and there was no wait! I was in and out within 5 minutes, woohoo!

This UPS Store shipping trip was sponsored by Collective Bias. All opinions are my own.

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