Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Saving While Eating Out

Sometimes eating out can be pricey, especially if you have a big family! I've put together some tips to ensure that your family can eat out happily and cheaply! I took the kids out to dinner one night at Ihop and we ate for $2 (before tip)and we each had an entree! Check out my tips:

  1. Skip the sugar and go for the H2O! We'll skip over the part that it's healthier but did you know restaurants have a 300-600% markup on Soda?! For what costs them nickels, costs you a few bucks! Average price at a restaurant for soda is $2.50. If a family of 4 forgoes soda, they save around $10 each time they dine out!
  2. Check out our daily specials! some restaurants offer happy hours, other offer certain night specials. For example, we have a local Italian restaurant that offers 50% off dinners every Monday night! TGI Fridays offer happy hour all day on Sundays. Just call or ask the next time you are there when the best time to come for specials is.
  3. Sign up for the newsletters. Restaurants like to entice their customers with special coupons they put out at certain times, you'll be assured to never miss a deal if you sign up!
  4. It's my birthday and I'll eat free if I want to! Many restaurants offer a free treat on your birthday when you sign up either for their email club or their birthday club. Just make sure you sign up before your birthday. To see some birthday deals I have compiled, check them out here!
  5. Show me the coupon! Last but certainly not least, always look for a coupon! Check the restaurants Facebook page, check your local Entertainment Book or your local coupon mailer. Recently I found an app called Geo Coupons (for smart phones), it has coupons for local establishments.
  6. Kids eat FREE! Oh this is music to any parents ears! Some restaurants charge around $5 for a kids meal! It's nice to know when you can save on kids meals especially if you have more than 1! I also found an app called Kids Eat Free where it looks for restaurants in my area that have kids eat free deals.
  7. Rate your families hunger. If you guys are mildly hungry, obviously it would be best to avoid a buffet. But if you find that maybe two of you are some what hungry, share an entree. I have done this with my son when I know he won't eat a lot. If you share with an adult it could easily save you $10!
  8. Shop Restaurant.com Click Here for some CHEAP gift certificates!
  9. Gift Cards for yourself. Sometimes restaurants offer a bonus gift certificate if you purchase a certain denomination. Why not just buy one for yourself, it works just like cash!
  10. Avoid the fancy schmancy restaurants. I love steak as much as the next person but I know if I can get a Rib Eye for $4.97 on sale at my local grocery store, I'm not going to pay $20 for one. Eat out smartly!
Do you have any dining tips? Share them here!

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  1. I go to Dine4az.com before going out to see what deals I can find. Love this site!