Wednesday, March 9, 2011

$25 for Digital Photo Conversion on Eversave!

Check out this great deal on today!

$25 to convert those old photos into digital form at ($99 value).

I love this deal for a few reasons. First, I love photos and I think they are one of the most treasured piece of memorabilia you could pass on to other generations. Second, if you think about how long it would take you to convert 500 photos to digital on your scanner at home this deal is a no brainer. I am pretty sure it would take me at least two weeks. So only $25 for someone else to do the work and I don't have to even buy the supplies?! Sweet!

Click HERE to see the deal!


Get $99 worth of photo scanning (up to 500 photos) for just $25

Preserve those old photos in a digital format that will survive the test of time and the elements

Eversave customers enjoy reduced three-way shipping for just $9.99 *This means that they ship you the box, you ship the photos back and they ship you your photos and your digital copies for a flat fee of $9.99!

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