Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free Redbox Movie + Earn More

Rent your 1st redbox movie online & get a free 1-night rental (I will 2 if you use my link by 3/17)

Are you using redbox? It's cheap and convenient to rent movies! You can choose the movies you want online and pick it up or just stop at your redbox on the way home! The best part, it's only a dollar a night! Right now when you sign up for an online account you can get a FREE rental!

How it works:

Sign up for an account HERE
After signing up, rent your first movie online. It's easy, just choose your Redbox location and browse through the movies available right at your computer!
Pick up the movie at your Redbox, return it when you are done and then Redbox will send you a code for 1 free movie! It's like getting 2 movies for the price of 1, which is a buck!

Refer your friends to earn free movies:

With Redbox's TellaPal system, you can have your friends sign up too so you can earn free movies as well! If you are already a member, just sign up for the referral system here:

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