Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Basket Goodies at Smart and Final

This Easter, I went to Smart and Final for the kids Easter Basket goodies. The Easter bunny loves to put together cute little baskets for the kiddies, and of course Easter Bunny loves convenience. I had to come to Smart and Final for some items on sale anyways like $.99 chicken breasts and a few things for our dinner.

Here are a few things I found for their basket at Smart and Final:

This bag of Reese's Peanut Butter eggs may get me into trouble. These things are soooooo delicious and the bag has 30 in them for only $4.99. That is only about $.17 an egg! Of course, I must grab a bag.

I'm not really a Cadbury Egg fan, but Brian is! These are on sale for $1.99!

Chocolate Peeps?! Yum!

I found a large bag of assorted plastic eggs, normal colors and shapes combined with some fun decorated ones and jelly bean shaped ones! I had a hard time finding different types of eggs, was glad to find a large bag of them at S&F!

I filled the kids Easter eggs with these:

Ok, I swear I don't have a big sweet tooth but for some reason Smart and Final Easter selection was filled with everything I love. I love Sour Patch Kids, have since I was a teen. When I opened these, I swear I ate 1/4 of the bag they are so addicting! They were only $1.99! I haven't had a chance to go back to Smart and Final but I will after Easter, hopefully I can find these on sale and stock up for the summer, hehehe!

The Chocolate Bunnies above were less than $4 and to me are huge for kids!

Smart and Final doesn't have a bakery but they always have great desserts available!

These bowls are only $1.99, it's great that they are so large and you can reuse them! Who says little chickies, bunnies and jelly beans are only for Easter? I bought the purple bowl for our Easter Dinner. It matches the napkins and plates below!

How cute are these napkins and plates for $.99! I grabbed two packs of each for our dinner, along with some plastic forks.

The little toys I found at the dollar store, with the help of Smart and Final I was able to put the baskets together for less than $10 each!!

Just another thing I found, the kids were able to pass out these cute little bags of jelly beans to their class:
I was really excited about this opportunity to shop at Smart and Final for Easter. I was compensated for my time as part of an insights study with Collective Bias. All opinions are my own!

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  1. Less than $10 is awesome for an Easter basket! Great job, and I hope the kids liked them :)