Thursday, April 21, 2011

Frugal Weekend: Dye-ing Easter Eggs

This Easter, when you and your kids are coloring eggs don't invest in the kits that cost money when you have the stuff to do it right in your pantry!

I used hot boiling water and few other ingredients:

My kids and I actually made an expirement out of creating our own dyes! First we started with spiniach for the green color. Unfortunately, this did not work.

Then for yellow we used Turmeric spice and it did work!

For red and purple, we just used food coloring on hand with 1/4th cup of vineagar combined with the hot water.

Use a white crayon to color on your eggs before dying them to make designs! Also pass the egg into different colors to create shades or use a spoon to half dye it one color, and half dye it another!

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