Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grandma's Treasures: My Treasure Hunt

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Imagine, getting to go into your Great-Great Grandmothers house. Now, imagine getting to go in her house, and it's been vacant for 30+ years and oh yes, everything is still in there that was left behind. Even better, imagine going in there when it's extremely dark and all you really have is a flashlight! While I do get creeped out by empty houses that were built probably before AZ was a state, I can't pass up nostalgia treasure hunts.

My family has a business where this house is on that property, the dust is literally caked on everywhere. I mean, you could shoot a scary movie in this house! However, I love vintage and I love when I can hold on to something that a relative had. I wanted to find some stuff for my house and some stuff for crafts.

Here is my journey:

First thing, this house has been vacant for many a year but shortly after my relatives moved out, my family started using this house as storage. They also haven't touched the stuff in years so literally I am going in a house full of my Great-Great Grandmothers stuff, along with car doors and hoods. No really, car doors from 70's muscle cars along with some of their hoods. I did the best I could at taking pictures while balancing on car doors, holding my DSLR to take a photo in one hand and a flash light in another. Also, the dust bunnies have now bred into dust monsters and I'm pretty sure there are boogans in this house. I had my flip flops on and walked into a room and there was a puddle out of no where. No leak in the roof and no water has ran in this house in say oh forever, so that kind of creeped me out!

Car door of many, if you look to the right you can see hood of many.

Just a glimpse of how much dust is truly in this house!

I actually have a kitchen theme of antique kitchen items, helloooo I am in heaven here! Though, it's kind of creepy that there is still food items in here, though it's not food at all now.

Pantry Photos:

This was really awesome, I found so many old jars and bottles. These will make great crafts!

I found some personal effects, pill bottles, clothes, shoes and some weird things like dentures. Ya I didn't keep those.

So on this adventure, I took home everything in the top photo. My dad slightly reluctantly agreed that I could take these things as long as I held onto them and wrote on the bottom where they came from. He is where I get my nostalgia obsession, obviously!

I'll be showing some of what I do with these possessions in future posts to come! There are also rooms in this house I haven't even been in so more treasure hunting in my future as well. Maybe I'll bring my flip and do a Blair Witch Crafty Treasure Hunt Vlog, haha!

Did I mention my family also has a car "junk yard"? I really was hoping to find some treasures here to create crafts out of but unless I plan on restoring a car or finding a crafty use for a car motor, no luck here.

I survived the hunt, and so did camera but boy did she get dirty. My poor SheyB strap got dirty too, boooo.

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