Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old Navy Dress Shopping

I recently was asked to go shopping for Old Navy Spring dresses. I was so excited about this because I love wearing dresses in Springer (that is our Spring and Summer all in one since it's so hot most of the Spring anyways). I honestly don't really wear shorts except on a rare occasion so this was a great opportunity as I needed some new dresses!

I looked online at the dresses and was "wowed" by how much variety they had! You can see the dresses here: I really couldn't wait to get in store to try some dresses on.

When I went to my Old Navy, I am not going to lie I was disappointed. I mean, there weren't too many choices at all. Although, after trying a few on I did find one I liked :

Of course shortly after I bought it I found out the reason my store didn't have many choices was because they were moving in 2 weeks across the street to their new store and they weren't setting up any new displays! But luckily, I loved my dress because it was so comfy. I really can't stand when dresses are clingy and this one had two layers and a cute look making it on the A-List in my closet!

I did go to another store and they definitely had more variety of dresses. I liked how there were so many dresses marked down too!

On my "to get next" list is :

Can you tell I am loving ruffles right now?!
I'll definitely be shopping online for my next Old Navy dresses as they seem to have specific "online only" merchandise!

I think the best thing I liked beyond the comfort and style was the price. It's nice to find dresses less than $30 brand new. In fact, that black one right there is on sale at for $12.99!!

Disclosure: I was given free coupons to use at Old Navy, all opinions are my own.

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