Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Apothecary Jar DIY

Pottery Barn Knock Off DIY: Apothecary Jar
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This week I did a "knock off" craft where I made the trendy Apothecary Jar, similar to the ones seen at Pottery Barn for between $39 and $69! You can easily make these by going to your local GoodWill and piecing it together for less than $5!

First, my essential tools:
E6000 glue, this stuff is awesome and lasts forever. Best part is you can get it for around $3 at Walmart! I also love Pledge multi-surface when working with a glass craft. It's easy to spray and wipe my gluey handed fingerprints off. One more thing I forgot to take a photo off was an Elmer's Painters pen, which typically runs between $3-$5.

Piecing together the jar:

I pieced together two jars, one with glassware from a yard sale and the other at Goodwill. I could not buy these pieces seperately, because it's important to make sure you know the pieces will all fit together. When looking for your pieces, look in the bowl section, the vase section and the candle holder section. You could even piece one together from your local dollar store!

For my centerpiece Apothecary jar, I used a wide mouthed candle holder for the base. I took the E6000 glue and glued the bottom of the candle holder to the bottom of the glass vase (this vase is more like a tube, no bow in it). I then took another candle holder and placed it on top as the lid. Easy peasy! I let it dry overnight and there it is, my $4 Apothecary jar!

My Ribbon and Lace jar is actually 4 pieces that I put together at a yard sale. The bottom is a small sundae jar, the middle is a bowed vase and the top is a small glass bowl. The very tippy top is actually a top to an old jar that I found in my Great Great Grandmothers house. First thing, after cleaning the jar I wrote on it Ribbon and Lace. I really like the Elmer's Painters pens because they dry but not too fast so it took me about 20 times before I was able to keep this writing on there. I took the sundae jar, turned it upside and glued the bottom of it to the bottom of the vase. I then took the small glass bowl, turned it over and glued the glass jar lid to the top of it. I let it dry overnight and here it is, my $1 dollar Apothecary jar!

You really can add anything to these that you want! You could easily make one as a gift and fill with treats!

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