Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: The Non Picture Frame

I recently did some upcycling up picture frames from Goodwill. Who says frames have to be used for pictures?

Jewelry Organizer

This is an old picture frame that I purchased at Goodwill. I painted it with wall paint (it was a sample size). I then took 20 gauge wire (found at Walmart in the picture hook area for around $1.60) and ran two wires across the front and stapled it in the back/sides. I then took silver hooks (they screw in, found at Walmart for around $3 for 50) and placed them at the bottom. This was really easy with a cordless drill and a staple gun.

Floral Wall Art

I fell in love with this frame at the Goodwill Clearance center, it probably cost around $2. It actually almost matches another frame in my kitchen! I decided to do some 3D art with flowers. This Sprite bottle I acquired a few years ago out of a junk yard. I used 20 gauge wire to hold the Sprite bottle up.

I purchased these daisies in the dollar section at Walmart. This could be a cute idea to also do with real flowers, it would be easy to change the water.

Isn't this old Sprite bottle adorable?!

The Holder ( I really couldn't think of a better name)

I found this frame at Goodwill for around $2. I loved the embellished metal and knew it would be a cute holder. Initially I was going to make it my perfume holder for my vanity but then I had it out and somehow change ended up on it and I thought well that could be our "catch all" as we came in the house for change, keys etc.

Did you catch last week's Frugal Weekender? Check out what the kids and I did with some old photo frames, a couple costumes and a camera

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