Friday, May 6, 2011

The Frugal Foodie: Mother's Day Brunch

I wanted to share my Frugal Mother's Day Brunch spread with you. These recipes are frugal and delicious! I love to do a variety of dishes when I entertain because you know, when one person likes something that doesn't mean everyone will like it. Obviously I did this at night so my lighting is not so bright but I wanted to share these recipes before Mother's Day! I also wanted to try them out before Mother's Day to make sure they were as delicious as I had hoped they would be.

Turkey Bacon Wrapped Apples Appetizer

This is more of an experimental recipe that had mixed reviews. I liked it, especially with the melted sharp cheddar cheese on it, yum! It was simple to do and if you don't like baked apples, unwrap it after cooking and just eat the bacon as it gives it a wonderful flavor!

Turkey Bacon
Apple Slices
Spice, I did a Cayanne/Paprika blend

Take apple slices, wrap them in bacon and them add your favorite spice on the top. Cook for about 10 minutes on 450 and done! Easy peasy and cheesey if you top with cheese after they are done cooking.

Cool Cucumber Sandwiches

Sliced cucumber (1-2)
1 package of cream cheese
3 Tablespoons of Dill Weed
1/2 Tablespoon of Basil

Blend the cream cheese with the dill and the basil, the amount you add is really up to you. I love a sharper taste. Spread on bread of your choice, I like a Rye or Sourdough and then top with cucumbers. Here is a frugal hint for the bread, check your super market's area for "day old bread" and use that with these sandwiches to save a dollar or two!

Honey Yogurt Fruit Parfait

I'm pretty sure I tricked my kids into thinking this was Ice Cream because these were gone in 60 seconds! It's really simple just vanilla yogurt with honey along with some fruit in a faux champagne glass!

I never made Rosettes in my life, in fact Brian actually helped me with this one. I found a brand new in package Rosette Kit at Goodwill for less than a buck and I am glad I found it. These taste like mini funnel cakes! It's like bringing a carnival into your house! I used a basic recipe I found at

Doughnuts, can you really go wrong with serving these? Well these are homemade baked doughnuts made with my new Wilton Nonstick 6-Cavity Donut Pan
Wilton Nonstick 6-Cavity Donut Pan

I followed the recipe on the pan, I then melted Dark Chocolate Chips from Hershey and then dipped the doughnuts in there! Half with sprinkles, half without! This was my first batch of doughnuts, I am determined to figure out how to do a healthy baked doughnut.

Have you seen those fancy beverage holders? It's like they replaced the good ole tea jars. I've been eyeballing a few but didn't want to pay a hefty price. I saw this one at Walmart for only $6.88!! I have no complains about it thus far!
This drink recipe is just Strawberry Kiwi V8 Splash Juice with 4 cups of Sprite and some kiwi and strawberry fruit sliced and added in. You can add "adult" beverage of your choice to your glass if you would like!

This spread seemed to have a lot of sweets so I tried to balance it with the bacon, hard boiled eggs, cheese and single fruits.

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