Friday, May 20, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Under $5

Easy and Frugal DIY Teacher Gifts for the end of the year!

Well the end of the school year is here and that means showing appreciation to our favorite teachers. I have put together a list of a few frugal gifts:

  • Photos or a photo album of your kids through the year. I made a 5X7 at Walgreens for less than $2 that included a photo of the teacher and my kids.
  • Handwritten letter or card. I think often times we want to do something great for the teachers and we think it involves a present when really it's as simple as a note of thanks. Have your kids help with decorating a card and envelope.
  • Bake a batch of cookies ~ who doesn't love homemade goodies?!
  • Gift Certificate ~ right now you can get a $25 GC for only $3. Just enter code Plate at checkout.
  • Look at Groupon or other Daily Deal sites for a deal on a massage, pedicure, movies etc. You can print it out and give it in a card.
  • Flowers ~ I'm cheap but I love flower's, so usually when I buy flower's I look for the discounted ones. I actually bought some this week at Fry's for $2.49 and they have been going for about 5 days and haven't wilted yet!

If you are feeling crafty, check out what I made:

Goody Jar

This is my cherry cinnamon chocolate bark. If you haven't made a chocolate bark before, you are missing out! It is extremely easy and you can get really creative. It is found at your local grocery store, I think I get 2 pounds for less than $3 at Walmart (found in the baking aisle). All you do is melt the chocolate in the microwave and put in the ingredients you want. You can add almonds for an almond bark, or add nuts and marshmallows to make a rocky road bark. This one above is broken up "hot tamales" with a cherry candy flavoring (made by Wilton, can also be found at Walmart).

Last step is to pour the chocolate onto wax paper and let cool. For the one above after I poured out my chocolate mixture I dotted melted white chocolate across the chocolate then took a knife and made some "swirls" in the chocolate. I then took the remainder of my crushed candies and sprinkled them on top for color. Let set for about 20 minutes in a cool area or fridge to harden. Once it's hardened, break apart and put in container. I put mine in mini mason jars along and covered the lid with a swatch of fabric.

The tag is a cardboard heart painted with chalkboard paint.

I took a box out of our recycle bin and cut out heart tags by using a paper punch. I then coated them in this paint:
Americana Brush-On Chalkboard Paint

This paint is only $3.69 at my Hobby Lobby and I buy it with my 40% off coupon! They also have pink and blue colors.

After painting, I let it dry then do a second coat. I should have let them dry longer because the paint scratched a little bit, so try to make these in advance before writing on them.

Tea Cup Candle:
Pictured above

I bought these supplies at Hobby Lobby (of course with coupon)
  • Wax Crystals ~ $2.99
  • Wicks ~ $1.99
  • Scented Oil $2.99

I've always wanted to make a frugal candle but was always intimidated by the whole melting process. I was excited when I found these crystals, it is very easy to make candles with these!

Just take a wick and glue it into the bottom of a glass, I used a teacup. Use your hot glue gun, you don't want to have a highly flammable glue in your candle!

Take the wax crystal and pour in a bowl with a few drops of scented oil, mix well. Then pour the wax crystals in the candle and you are done! What is great about these is kids can easily help put these together, just be careful of the wax getting everywhere. I used a sheet of paper under the teacups so it would catch falling crystals and I could easily pour them back in the candle. You can get craftier by having the kids decorate the candle jar or teacups with an Elmer's Painters Pen.
After the two candles, I still have more than half a bag of candle wax left so I am sure the supplies I bought could make at least 4 more candles!

If giving as a gift, tie it tightly in cellophane to allow spillage to go into a bag.

What are your ideas for frugal gifts for teachers?

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