Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lego DIY Party Banner

As you have been reading, we had my son's 7th birthday party this weekend. We decided to have it at a park, forget the fact that it was a million degrees outside as that was taken care of by the splash pad. The wind was horrible, this banner was actually hung up perfectly elsewhere with an additional one that said "Tyler" underneath. Unfortunately it lasted about 2 minutes before I could take a picture.

None the less, I still displayed the banner in another location. It took a few hours to make but it turned out really cute. Here is what I used:

Red Cardstock
Yellow Cardstock
X-ACTO Knife
Elmer's Glue
White Ribbon

I downloaded the Lego Font I told you about here:

For the flags, I downloaded a free template from the lovely I Make Stuff blog

I used yellow cardstock and printed out the letters with the Lego Thick font. I then cut them out with my X-ACTO knife. I glued them on using an Elmer's Paper and Fabric glue.

I punched the holes with a hole punch and strung it with $.44 ribbon from Walmart!

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