Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY Lego Pinata and a Party Favor

More adventures in the Lego Birthday Party:

The Lego Pinata!

This was pretty easy (well for me, I had my fiancee do the hard work).

Diaper Box (base)
Mod Podge
Dixie Cups
Curling Ribbon
Staple Gun

I used a diaper box for the base of the pinata. We then took Mod Podge and pasted 3 coats of red tissue paper on the box.

For the "bumps" we used Dixie cups and covered them in Mod Podge, then adhering them onto the top. Mod Podge is great, extremely sturdy and dries clear so you don't have to worry about a white glue mess on your final product.

I then cut a square out of the bottom to fill it. I then stapled curing ribbons to create pull strings for the kids and just had the kids pull all the strings at once (I mean really they only care about what's inside).

These cuties went into the party favor bags.

I found these "brick" candies at a local candy store but you can buy these online at

I used the Lego Thick font and printed the sayings out on yellow cardstock.

I just happened to stumble upon the Lego stickers at Walmart on clearance for only $.25. It was a killer deal!

The party bags were really easy, since we went with an everything boy party idea, I used my Cricut to create these robots to adhere to the bags:

The cartridge I used was the Birthday Cakes cartridge (Cricut Cake Cartridge, works in all Cricut machines). I bought the red bags at Target in the lunch bag section for less than $2.

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