Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Money Saving App: AAA Discount App

I've had AAA for about 2 years and we've used the services frequently throughout this time. Something we hadn't really taken advantage of is the discounts that come with being a AAA member. Well I recently discovered the AAA discount phone app! This app is great, it brings up your location via GPS and pinpoints every store/establishment in that area that offers a discount. Whether it's a coffee shop or a service. I actually found that they offer a 20% discount at GeekSquad, which saved me around $25 just for having my AAA card! Oh and it's free since you are already a member.

Here is what the discount app has to offer:

Finds businesses that offer AAA and CAA discounts in the United States and Canada
Uses GPS to find your current location
Displays locations found on a dynamic map
Automatically performs new search as the map view is adjusted
Sorts the discounts list by name, distance and business category
Provides AAA discount offer details
Provides turn-by-turn directions
Filters discount locations by selected business categories
Tracks your location as you move about
Join AAA capability
AAA Roadside Assistance capability

You can find the app in the iTunes store or in your Android Marketplace.

Find more info at http://routemaster.aaa.com/iphone/discounts/support/

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