Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Saving Broken Jewelry

I love inexpensive jewelry! I typically shop at Forever21, Claire's, Kohls and Fashion Bug to get some great deals on jewelry. I will admit, I have way more jewelry than one woman should probably own so it may be more of an obsession. I have had a few instances where there have been issues with my favorite pieces. I'm going to show you some clever things you can do when you may have an issue with your favorite accessories. Just another great way to save money and up-cycle your jewelry!

First, let me introduce you to my jewelry graveyard. If I lose an earring or one breaks, I try to put the reusable pieces in here (such as backs, posts, jewels etc). I try to reuse what I can just in case another piece breaks on something else and I need to repair it or replace a piece.

I also keep a bag of earring half loops which I think are more technically called "Ear Wires", that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for only a few dollars.

Have you ever found a set of earrings on sale in Claire's but didn't buy it because they are "clip on" earrings? It's extremely easy to switch these out for "Ear Wires". Just open the connecting loops and replace the clips with the "pierced" option. Takes less than 60 seconds and you have wearable earrings!

Broken earrings, I really hate when this happens but there is an easy way to reuse them. Make it into a necklace! Just loop a chain you already have on hand into the top of the earring!

This doesn't just work with broken earrings.....

This rosette came off a metal headband I loved. While I loved the piece, I wasn't really sure about the color. So I painted it!

I used the DecoArt Black Gloss Enamel paint and theDelta Air Dry PermEnamel clear gloss glaze on top. This actually worked really well on the metal!

Voila, a broken piece of headware turned into a cute painted necklace!

What are some of your favorite tips for reusing or upcycling jewelry?

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