Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#Print4Blogher Session 3 ~ Research

Come Talk to Me at BlogHer '11!

Can you believe, only 1 month till Blogher?! I am loving our prep sessions with the #Print4Blogher team! This past week for our #Print4Blogher session, we talked about reviewing our goals to uncover what research we need to be doing for Blogher.

Here is more about what we've covered!

Who we need to find / know more about at Blogher:

Who are you looking to meet at Blogher? This week I checked out the Blogher sponsor list to see which brands I wanted to interact with. I am excited so many great brands will be there! One of my main goals is of course going for fun so the Smores area with Hershey's sounds great but of course I also want to find brands that fit with my brand like Redplum and Retail Me Not! You can see the Blogher Sponsor list here:

I'm honestly excited about meeting everyone I can at Blogher but it's nice to meet like minded niche bloggers, especially if they are an inspiration. If you are looking for what bloggers are attending, you can find the list here: http://www.blogher.com/node/305898/attendees?sort_by=name

Where and how we can find out more on the right connections / information:
First stop for everything Blogher is obviously Blogher.com. Also, searching on Google which includes setting up a Google Alert for Blogher. Keeping up on Twitter is another big thing and we talked about not being afraid to interact with brands right on Twitter. Also, visiting their websites are important to find out more about the brand.

Another thing we talked about almost being a necessity is having a LinkedIn account. Debba states in the prep session that she hears from brand representatives that they want to work with bloggers who have a professional appearance, and verifying that with a LinkedIn account is important. I am almost embarrassed to say I do not have one! I am setting one up this week though!

What Debba from Girlfriendology says to:
  • Review your Goals / Strategy – define what research you need to do (people, companies)
  • Do the Research – what sponsors, speakers, bloggers, media do you want to meet?
  • BONUS: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is what you’d like a brand/company to see, reach out
  • to others for recommendations

My plan of action:
  • I set up a Tweetdeck stream for Blogher, it's an easy way to stay up to date with what is happening.
  • Continue to seek out what brands will be there that I want to interact with.
  • Create a twitter list of the people I want to keep up with at Blogher.
  • Set up a LinkedIn profile.
  • Find out more about the speakers to help me decide which sessions I would like to attend.
  • Keeping up with the parties and special events.
This week we are talking about making connections, I am really excited about this! You can find out more about our sessions and keep up with the prep sessions at www.lovinlogistics.com

This opportunity is being compensated by #CollectiveBias as part of the #Print4Blogher campaign. All opinions shared on the calls and weekly write ups are my own.

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