Tuesday, August 23, 2011

$25 ScrapDazzle.com credit for $2 via Savemore.com

SaveMore Daily Deals

Today I found a hot deal if you are a scrapbooker! Get $25 credit to Scrapdazzle.com for only $2 when you use your $10 new member credit!!!!

This deal is even better because new customers to Scrap Dazzle can use the code "newcust" at check out for an additional 15% off that can be used with this deal!

So you can get $25 worth of goodies really for free because 15% off of $25 is $3.75 in savings plus you will pay shipping (flat shipping is available). However, buy $50 worth of stuff, get free shipping plus the 15% off.

Here is how this deal works:
Sign up for Savemore here: http://savemore.com
Purchase option A which is $25 for $12 or $40 for $18
Use your $10 credit you get when you sign up for Savemore.com and make the deal either $25 for $2 or $40 for $8.
The code will be available after the deal ends tonight.
Use the credit along with the "newcust" code.

Here is the math:
Purchase the $25 credit for $2.
$25 plus 15% off new cust credit, to make your total $21.25 plus pay $6.95 shipping (plus $2 for the credit) you really are only spending $5.20 OOP (out of pocket) to get $25 worth of goodies shipped to you.

Purchase the $40 credit for $8, you should get your total $50 on the site for free shipping (maximize those savings) so it's
$50 plus 15% off is $42.50 - $40 credit (plus free s/h) = $2.50 + $8 for the credit = $10.50 OOP for $50 worth of goodies shipped to you.

Now I am not a math wizard, in fact I hate math so the above formulas may be off but this is how I figured the deal ;) Both scenarios are assuming you use the $10 signup credit you get when you sign up here:

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