Monday, June 27, 2011

Lego Starwars Birthday Party DIY Invites

Lego Starwars Party Invites with Legos and upcycled M&M tubes! An easy and fun DIY party invite!
This weekend we celebrated my son's 7th birthday. Right now he's into what I imagine what most 7 year olds are into: Legos, Star Wars, cars, pirates etc. I figured since he liked so much stuff, why limit it to one theme? So we did an all boy party.

Here are the invites:

I took Legos I found at Goodwill and wrote on them with an Elmer's Painters Marker (find point). I then took M&M tubes and discarded the M&M's and by discarded I mean discarded into a few more pounds but that's besides the point. I then cleaned off the labels and took electrical tape and wrapped it around the bottom. I finished them with a Star Wars Confetti circle (found a bag at Party City for less than $2) placed at the bottom with a glue spot from Elmer's.

Which then became: A Light Saber!

I then disassembled the invite, fit them into the M&M tubes making a "puzzle" for the kids to put together. I then made a more formal invite for the parents so they knew when/where the party would be.

May the force be with you.

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