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#Print4Blogher Session 2 ~ Setting Goals

Come Talk to Me at BlogHer '11!

In this week's Print4Blogher session, we talked all about setting goals for Blogher11. Shelby at did a great job at leading this session. We went over how to define goals, ways to execute them and we shared what our goals are for Blogher this year. Debba at suggests thinking about the following when setting your goals for Blogher11 while keeping your brand in mind:

  • What would make going to BlogHer a BIG success for you?
  • Who would you meet?
  • What would you learn?
  • What things would change about your blog/business after attending BlogHer?
I think the most important thing about goals is writing them down. This ensures that I don't forget and it allows me to start the brainstorming session on paper. I have a book that I try to take with me everywhere (car, purse, wherever my computer is etc). On the call, someone had stated when you write them down, you are releasing it into the universe.

I remember after I returned from Blogher last year, I don't feel like I accomplished much. I had fun, and that was one of my goals but I don't think I had any goals before going, which is why I felt this way when I returned.

This year, I want to make out my goals using the ABC Strategy. Listing down everything that I would want to accomplish during Blogher this year. Prioritizing the ones that are most important to me with A's, second most important with B's and the ones that I would like to do but are more of a back burner priority with a C.

As far as preparing for Blogher, this is a separate goal list and the other goal list will be that at Blogher list.

Here are some things I need to accomplish before Blogher:
  • Go through the speaker sessions and highlight which ones I want to attend. Blogher has usually at least 5 sessions going on at a time, so I need to make sure I know which ones I want to make sure I am there to listen. Also, I have heard this is typical for Blogher and it was true last year, you should get to that session you want to attend early because if it's a popular session you may find yourself sitting in the back on the floor. I did this at 2 sessions last year.
  • Order business cards and other print material. Last year I had 2 different business cards, one was for the brands I interacted with and one was for my blogging network. We're actually going to go over this in an upcoming #Print4Blogher session

What I want to accomplish at Blogher
  • Attend favored sessions.
  • Meet with other bloggers. Not only to network but there is something to say about being in a room of thousands that actually can relate to what you do. The energy and motivation I took away from last year was awesome, I plan to come home with that same feeling! I definitely want to come home with new friends, well not literally.
  • Connect with brands that fit my brand. Last year, I tried to talk to every brand that was there and I came home wondering why the heck I had some of these brands business cards because they didn't relate to me at all. I am going to stick with only talking with those I really want to connect with. This will also help me from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Have my go-to girls. Ladies, if you take away anything from this post of preparing for Blogher, know that I highly suggest you have a group of other bloggers you can go to when feeling overwhelmed. Get phone numbers if you can (text, call etc) to some of your blogging friends. If you want mine, I am happy to share it (not on my blog of course). I just remember walking into Blogher and feeling like a small fish tiny tadpole. I mean I only knew about 5 bloggers personally who were there out of over 1000 people. I was glad to know I had a few phone numbers and I could text my go-to gals when I was feeling overwhelmed.
  • I want to learn about time management. I think one of the biggest things I have struggled with is getting everything I want done on my blog. I wonder, how do others do it, so I hope to learn something about this while there.
  • Have fun! While Blogher is overwhelming, my ultimate goal is to have fun. Have a few laughs, learn, network and treat this as a mini vacation :-)
What are some of your goals for Blogher11?

You can check up other write ups on this topic as well as see the weekly prep sessions we use on

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